Alex Hall

   Alex Hall       Photo © Michael Lovullo   

Age: 46 (born 1968)

Partner, Wandering Star Craft Brewery, 2011-2015;
Agent for UK Brewing Supplies (suppliers of cask equipment in the USA);
Cask cellarman at 'dba Brooklyn' (bar closed 11/2014, in transition);
Cask ale columnist, Ale Street News, 2004 to date;
Regional US assessor for Cask Marque;
Member of The British Guild of Beer Writers.

In the U.K. - Co-founder, coordinator, and cellarman for the annual Glastonwick Beer, Music, Poetry, and More Beer Festival (near Brighton, England), 1996 to date.

Previously: Cellarman at The Evening Star, Brighton, England (brewery tap, and birthplace in 1994, of The Dark Star Brewing Company) from 1992-1999.

Other: Founder and editor (co-editor from issue 6) of The Independent Imbiber, 1993-2003.

Founder of The Gotham Imbiber, see below.

Organizer of numerous cask ale festivals in New York since 2003.

Author of BEER DEMYSTIFIER - NEW YORK CITY - 2008-2009 (June 2008).

Contributor, The Oxford Companion to Beer (2011).

President, The Malted Barley Appreciation Society, 2006.


The Gotham Imbiber magazine was published to locally promote awareness and interest in craft beer over national bland lager brands. It was loosely styled on the many regional publications available in the U.K. which are published by local branches of The Campaign For Real Ale (CAMRA). This website was created in March 2006 to complement the magazine and sister website

The Gotham Imbiber was founded January 2003 by Alex Hall, a British native who moved to Brooklyn, New York, from Brighton, England in 1999. In 2007, the magazine ceased production in order to have time to write a full beer guide to NYC and concentrate my time on running cask ale festivals and the (then) upcoming Wandering Star Craft Brewery.


Photo © Mike Lovullo.